Our planet world has some quite fascinating spots that anyone will relish seeing if presented with the opportunity to do it. The variety of weird places to find in the world is plenty, but some of the actually outdo the remainder in regard to weirdness. Being one of those people who adore traveling, adventuring and discovering the most abnormal matters concerning this planet that we call our dwelling, a while back I compiled a record of the most unusual places to have ever been discovered on the planet. They including those that I am yet to see and those that I have witnessed and managed to visit. Here’s the list I have compiled, I hope it encourages readers to travel more and enjoy some incredible things the world has to see.

Each one of us long to retire eventually in our life. Our notions about ideal retirement depend on individual thinking but there’s one town, a home of retirees, that lately made the headlines. This retirement hometown is referred to as The Villages and is reputed to be one of the biggest retirement communities on the planet. To many, this town would seem to be an idyllic retirement home with its location in a location like Florida. However, this is far from the reality on the ground with The Hamlets having been thrust into the limelight due to the sheer number of scandals and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) reported there. Pubs, restaurants, country clubs and golf courses are found in The Village in prosperity, making it look like a perfect retirees’ hometown, but not when outdoor sex and scandals are widespread like we have come to know of late.

Dryness and the high temperature can make living state that is actually unpleasant and that’s some thing which we all know very well. My recent discovery of an underground city that’s situated right at the heart of the desert is some thing which amazed me. Found less than a thousand kilometers to the north of Adelaide, is Coober city which is not known by too many people besides the residents who are hidden from above-ground view. It’s an underground city that was built when inhabitants realized life below the earth would be far more comfortable in relation to the scorching heat and dryness of a desert landscape above. Astonishingly, it really is a complete city which has all needed comforts including health facilities churches and even a four star high-end eatery.


varosha - 6

The color of azure is a favorite to many folks because according to the color theory, it is symbolizes equilibrium and depth. If your favorite color is blue, there is a must-visit town in Morocco for you. Place against a backdrop of scenic mountains, painting and every building in this town is completed using a blue colour. Aside from the fascination of seeing blue everywhere there turns a visitor, many flock to this town because of the affordable lodging it has to offer, making is a popular touristic place. Only imagine what it has to be like to walk on any street and see just blue buildings and structures everywhere. It’s something for me to find out and I hope I’ll possess the answer shortly.

Varosha is a city in Cyprus that has turned into a ghost town. What was once the most famous tourist destination in Cyprus has turned into a shadow of its former glory. Residents of Varosha were driven away after the Turkish invasion in 1947. No one ever came back to this area and the invasion was left completely immobilized in time since then even after it was over. The city appears just like it did in 1947, minus the residents that once resided there, if you have a look at it from a space. Just considering stepping into this city itself is enough to give me a goosebump.

Mine was just a little compilation of places which are found on our planet’s most bizarre. In my opinion, visiting such places is a must for anybody who’s looking to be amazed and widen their outlook of the whole world. I cherish the thought of seeing with some of them one day, although they seem a bit frightening for me. A thousand words may be described by a picture but I’m sure the feeling and experience is some thing you can get only when you land your feet on such places. I will try to keep my list updated as I find more strange and amazing spots.