We are residing in a fantastic time, a time where nearly every apparatus is really capable of connecting to each other wirelessly. ‘The Internet of Things’, that’s how many people refer to the new era we are living in, and it really is amazing to see technology already improve this far, even though we’re still at its morning. It’s sure that all these wirelessly-interconnected devices that we use today are very advantageous to our daily lives, undoubtedly making the way we control the multiple tools that we use daily much more suitable. I believed it’d be interesting to dig out some of the common myths and premises and let’s see they hold some truths in them or if they can be just baseless since none of us can escape the reality of living in a wireless world.

Today, our computers are shrinking in size but yet the computing power of devices that are small are growing at rate that is tepid. There’s one important drawback that comes with each of the little but strong computing devices like our smartphone. They have to be charged frequently because such devices’ battery life isn’t enough to continue the entire day with the sum they may be used. Until today, there’s no worldwide connector which could be used to charge all our mobile devices. What that means is that if you have a cellphone and also a notebook, you will still need to carry with you 2 separate chargers for every one of the 2 devices. Prototypes are yet to be done even though the idea of having a wireless charging device was talked about. I think this technology will sooner rather than afterwards be here with us, although some may believe that wireless charging is a myth.

A bulk of us have now changed to smartphones within those few years they’ve been around. We have also become dependent on our phone and heavily attached. There is something that all men have to take note of. Some people suggested that infertility may be caused by mobile phone among males. The reasoning behind these claims is fairly simple. Apparently when a cell is left in a pant pocket, the radiation emission interferes with the sperm, weakening or even killing them. Now, while it’s true that prevention is preferable to cure, I’m not completely convinced of this theory and consider it’s a myth.

Now, nearly every house in important parts of the world will have a Wi Fi connection. Many believe that a Wi-Fi signal is unable to be impacted by anything other than apparatus using the connection. However, the reality is your signal could be interfered with by appliances like a microwave, DECT telephone, etc. So, the next time you find your WiFi to be unreliable, make sure you check that it is placed some distance further away from DECT phone or your microwave.

The fact of our lives today is that wireless technology is transforming how we perform our everyday activities and interact with each other. But there are several who misunderstand the wireless technology completely. Though I’m not a wireless pro myself, I have just discussed about my private opinion on the issue that I find fascinating. It is my hope that this discussion helps you in clearing the myths associated with wireless technology off your mind. And because my expertise in wireless technologies is a bit limited, I could be incorrect about some of these dilemmas so don’t hesitate to share your ideas by dropping some remark below.


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